Justas´ photos

One of us, Justas Kasparavičius, is a really great photographer. He took some awesome photos of our trip to the Alps and also Dresden, where the Lithuanian bus stopped before coming to Schwabach. Below you can see our impressions of Walchensee, Karwendelgebirge, the Leutaschklamm and the cities of Dresden and Nürnberg.


Karwendel mountains

The gorge of Leutasch - Leutaschklamm

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

View from Neuschwanstein Castle to the Alpsee

Neuschwanstein Castle

A work of art in Schwabach






After hiking

Schöner Brunnen in Nürnberg


Trip to Regensburg

We started our trip  in Schwabach at 8:15. We drove for two hours – thankfully we had our earphones, so the trip went quickly.

In Regensburg our teacher showed us a cafe that used to be a princess school. GOTCHA! That‘s  not true. In the tour there were  three hidden lies and the group that guessed them correctly won Kinder chocolates.

One of the things we saw was the „Stone bridge“. There is a really interesting legend about the  Bruckmandl: a long time ago the architect was racing with the architect of the cathedral who will finish their creations first. He saw that he will lose, so he had to make a trade with the devil, who asked for three souls in exchange of building the bridge.

Then we went to a very breath-taking cathedral which took 600 years to build.
After the tour another teacher gave us one apple and said that we have to trade it into something more valuable. For example, one group got perfume, another one got a chocolate bar. The winners even got a pair of cute socks which are worth 15 Euros – that‘s crazy, right?!


Mini Golf, Soccer Golf and a lake

The actual plan for Wednesday was to drive to the Rothsee and go rowing in a Dragonboat there, but due to low water levels in the lake we weren't able to do so.

Instead we went to the Brombachsee, another lake in the Franconian Lake District.

We left Schwabach on a very cold morning at 8 o'clock and drove to Pleinfeld, a city near the Brombachsee.
When we arrived our teachers told us to form groups of five or six and asked us to decide if we want to play mini golf or soccer golf.
Soccer golf isn't too famous in Lithuania so especially the exchange students were very interested in it.
Afterwards we went into the bus again and drove to the lakeside, where we had a little picknick.
    A restaurant there opened for us and some students enjoyed a delicious Franconian lunch.

We arrived in Schwabach again at 3 pm and then had time to do whatever we want.

Some students went to a mall, others visited Nürnberg again and some went to a swimming pool.


Scavenger Hunt in Schwabach

After going to school and getting familiar with the German school system we went to the downtown of Schwabach.

 There kids had some free time to have lunch, take pictures and get to know the town they're in. After that, teachers announced the scavenger hunt. We got into groups of 8 or 9 pupils, we thought of funny group names and then we started to participate in the race.

Everybody had to solve riddles through the center of Schwabach, take funny and creative pictures, bring various stuff back. The team that collected the most credits won a Schnitzelsandwich.

We were chilling in the park, modeling, promoting books, being friendly with a hen and entertaining the horses in the fountain!

We had the greatest time learning something about the city while playing a game and getting to know each other better!

School Days...

On Tuesday we met in school at 08:45. When the Lithuanians came to the first meeting they saw their flag hanging in front of the school.
In the begining of the official welcome the music teacher Mr. Rösel played the clarinet.
After showing some pictures from the two years of the exchange programm the headmaster Dr. Kifmann officially welcomed the Lithuanians.
Then the "Singing Girls" sang two wonderful songs for us.

At 09:35 the Lithuanians took part in 3 lessons of their German exchange partners, which was really interesting for them. It was a really good experience for all because they saw differences between their lessons and ours. The biggest difference is that the Lithuanians have a break after every lesson not like in Germany.


Our Wonderful trip to the Gorge and Schloss Neuschwanstein

After a tasty breakfast in the youth hostel Mittenwald we started our trip to the Leutasch Gorge. 
We were all surprised by the lovely landscape and the river with all the nature. 
Although our hike was not as easy as we thought at the beginning (high pathes and long bridges over a deep gorge) and we were completety wet because of the very hard rain, we were all in a good mood. 

But we kept on going.
After a meal in Füssen we drove to the famous castle Schloss Neuschwanstein.
While some pupils were visiting a lake nearby the others were taking a closer look at the castle. Very tired we drove home to Schwabach.


Trip to Mittenwald

The beginning of our trip took place at the Wolfram-von-Eschenbach-Gymnasium at 8:10 am. Although nearly everyone was tired, none of us could wait any longer to get to our destination. After around 4 hours of driving by bus we finally managed to do a break at the Walchensee where we had freetime for an hour, which was used to explore the lake, see mountains for the first time in their life and just relax.

At approximately 1:30 pm our journey to the second highest cable railroad continued. At 2 pm we arrived, bought tickets to get to the mountain and then actually did it (no way).

After we were back from the moutain at 6 pm we went to the youth hostel in Mittenwald, which was quite nearby. After our arrival we got the keys to our rooms and had about half an hour to settle down. Afterwards we had dinner and some pupils played games like „werewolf“ and the others were either outside doing sports or in their rooms.

Suddenly a pupil was missing. We were searching for her everywhere but we couldn´t find her. It turned out that she was walking with some others through the fields. After the shock we went to our rooms and prepared to sleep. We will never forget the beautiful landscape and the wonderful night with the full moon.